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When we get to an age where our life story can seem like a huge web of interwoven episodes, there is an urge to look at our own life and find the common threads that run through it.


Most of the time, it is easier to tell the story to an outsider who will not judge you and who is trained to highlight your unique self.


Through an interaction between the storyteller and the filmmaker something new and authentic is created and it is this that is captured through the eye of the camera.


Through the process of telling the story, forgotten memories can emerge and there is time to shed new light on the key moments in one's lifetime.


The storyteller forms his own meaning and defines himself through the process of the filming. It is the story we tell to ourselves which defines who we are.


The filmmaker is there to help the storyteller to shape his story and integrated it into a film.


Here below are a few examples of private documentary films that I have worked on with clients who trusted me to help them shape their story and record it for posterity. 




A man who's life is haunted by his obsession is unable to solve his problems, which leads to loneliness and despair.


Through making the film we have managed to find reconciliation with his family.

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